Bushel Plus Ltd.

Company Spotlight
Bushel Plus Ltd. (Bushel Plus™) is THE harvest optimization company setting the bar for helping farmers maximize their investment in yield, quality, and time. With a bold and steadfast vision to increase global food production by dramatically reducing harvest loss, Bushel Plus is dedicated to adding value and profit to every harvest with tools, technology, and information that optimize efficiency. The Canada-based company has a dealer distribution network spanning over 30 countries. Their product lines include their patented drop pan technology the SmartPan System™, the MiniCombine™, and MAD Concaves™.
Since their inception in 2016, farmers worldwide have been using Bushel Plus products and benefiting from the significant value they bring during the critical harvest season. Bushel Plus has worked with multiple combine manufacturers and dealers to incorporate their products into their internal training, customer combine clinics, combine calibration, and prototype testing.
Bushel Plus is committed to helping farmers succeed by delivering continuous innovation, quality experiences, and technical excellence in harvest efficiency. To learn more or find your local dealer, visit bushelplus.com.