STOP-FYRE® High Capacity Fire Extinguisher

Company Spotlight

STOP-FYRE® extinguishers are incredibly intuitive, effective, and reliable helping you protect what’s most important in your life. Whether that is your family, home, business, business equipment, machinery, or vehicles, STOP-FYRE® is here to help you protect those valuables from potential loss due to a fire.

AKE Safety Equipment has over 30 years of experience developing the highest quality and most effective fire safety equipment on the market. We’ve designed our STOP-FYRE® extinguishers to address every element of a fire and they require no annual maintenance, have no corrosive residue, and can be used multiple times.

Our customers recognize the value and importance of having the right extinguisher for their next fire.

“It worked awesome. I have been in the volunteer fire service since 1994 and I don’t know that I have seen anything work better on a class B fire.  Took literally a 1 second shot." - Barry G.

"It put the fire out very fast, very efficiently. There was no mess, no cleanup whatsoever of the byproducts of  the fire.   I would recommend the AKE extinguisher to any person or any fire department." - Korey K. – Fire Captain.

"I’ve been in the fire service 17 years. I believe that STOP-FYRE® is The World's BEST Fire Extinguisher®.  We recently used it on a chimney fire, it was actually both.  A wood stove fire and a chimney fire and the STOP-FYRE® extinguisher not only put out a roaring stove fire but it also put out a chimney fire at the same time."  - Mike Y. - Fire Chief