BASS Hybrids

Company Description
  • Our goal at BASS is simple: we want to put more money in your checkbook.  Our pricing is farmer-focused, and we value quality.
  • As an innovative company, BASS brings strong and new genetics to the Corn belt, giving YOU the farmer a business edge.  We develop our own genetics and are unique in the marketplace.  We are independent of the large chemical seed companies.
  • For the millions of dollars of investment that BASS has already made, you benefit by having UNconventional corn hybrids that have these advantages over other hybrids:
    • Better plant health
    • Better natural insect tolerance
    • Better drought resistance
    • Stronger stalks
    • Larger root mass
    • Flexible planting populations from 14,000-36,000 plants per acre
    • Higher quality feed (grain or silage) for livestock
  • BASS Hybrids will produce corn yields that make you proud.  With our nonGMO products, we have achieved 300+ bushel yields.  Equally as important, our hybrids have produced corn in fields that should have produced nothing.  You will yield the same or better planting these products - and your profitability will increase!
  • The BASS Team is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about plant breeding, hybrid development, and providing customers with high quality, personalized products.


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