Thunder Seed

Company Description
Thunder Seed is a collaboration of three farm families that have combined our passion, resources, and generations of experience to develop high-quality, top-yielding corn, corn-silage and sunflower seed. Since we’re farmers first, we understand the challenges and commitment farming requires and that every successful harvest begins with high-quality seeds. That’s why, for over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing sound agronomic advice, unrivaled customer service and, of course, superior seed. We partner with world-class developers to deliver our seed with innovative traits that are ideal for the soils and conditions in your field. And before we sell a single unit, we test every new variety in our own fields first. At Thunder Seed, all our energy is focused on making you First in the Field.

Ag Producers

  • Small Grain


  • Corn

Grain / Feed

  • All Grain


  • Seeds


  • Seed Hybrids Clearfeild® High Oleic
  • Seed Hybrids Clearfield® Nusun